Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MY first crush.....

ohh i still remember her....the one with smile i wondered is anything better than that...with grace i felt is it possible for anyone to have that and most importantly beauty which made me felt for the first time in my life..gosh women is the most beautiful god's creation...she was my social science teacher at standerd VIII...sunita miss..
i still remember sitting last on the corner of the availble seat in the class,holding my head with hands and she saying that don't do this,its sort of negative..i havn't done that since and try convince also not to do that..
i started getting tution from her. when other mates go for maths tution i instead went for history tution just to see her and spend time there..ohh i am such an idiot..but just being around her was so soothing for me at that time..
she was the bread owner of her home with three unmarried sister including her and a brother,widowed mother and ofcourse father's pension....ohh she was such a strong women..i started getting inspired from her and even after so many years i can close my eyes and can see her telling me sandeep you can do better..yes miss..:)
she's married happily in new delhi,i have her number and we talk and still says..sandeep you can do better.......

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  1. falling in love is not bound to age, any time anywhr it can happen,but the feeling which relaxes u is u r close to someone'e thought and u r being missed in anyway n ur heart beats little faster with the feel that that person is in ur memories!keep loving